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The community leaders of Jersey City have a history of engaging its residents in planning processes in order to strengthen the neighborhood and protect the qualities that distinguish it from others that have allowed themselves to deteriorate.
As a continuation of this planning process, the City of Salisbury retained Arnett Muldrow & Associates, to conduct a historic resources inventory and architectural stylebook for the Jersey City Neighborhood. While the previous planning efforts addressed a wide range of issues threatening the vitality of the neighborhood, this process centered on the physical, particularly as it relates to the architecture of Jersey City.
The purpose of this project was to provide the baseline information from which to build a preservation effort, and to present a mechanism for neighborhood preservation to occur. The final section presented critical planning tasks that should be completed in order to stabilize the Jersey City community. This goes beyond historic preservation and focuses on policy changes and infrastructure improvements necessary to prevent further deterioration in the neighborhood.
With the final product in hand, the residents of the Jersey City are able to make positive changes to the existing structure of neighborhood and are also able to guide future infill and capital improvement projects in a way that will best preserve the neighborhood’s character and meet the needs of its residents.